Supporting origination & driving new business

Existing companies using Proximo Intelligence include

How does Proximo support origination and help you build business partners?

Competitor ranking and benchmarking tables

Get ahead of your competition. Interpret your competitive advantage or areas for improvement quickly via benchmarking and rankings tables

Over 14,000 organisations tracked and included

New deal opportunities

Receive email alerts and customised dashboards delivering a pipeline of future opportunities specifically suited to you and your specialty.

Over 15,000 deals available to view now

Bespoke data requests

Use our analysts to provide you with deal analysis, which will showcase your knowledge and expertise to clients and potential business partners

Over 1,000 requests received to date

Sentiment survey data & trends reports

Understand and address the challenges and opportunities your business faces more quickly

Over 10 reports online now

On-demand training & conference sessions

Inform and educate your entire team whilst achieving maximum output cost. Our training and conferences sessions are available on demand wherever, whenever

Hear from over 1,000 expert speakers and view over 350 sessions

Annual briefing

A presentation curated specifically with your market/country/sector in mind and packed with actionable recommendations to support your company strategy

Daily and Weekly newsletters including market moves, Interviews, CIRR updates, data and more

Customise your newsletters to receive the most pertinent deal information for your business at a time that suits you

Use 12 different regional and sector filters to track specific areas of focus

Up to date news, analysis on the market

Gain detailed information on your industry’s deals and stay pricing-savvy to hold your competitive edge. Maintain your book of business and  stay aware of who is entering the market

Over 4,000 articles published every year

Regular proprietary deal analyses

Use our raw data plus editorial commentary to influence the likelihood of winning future bids or to understand why you lost out

Virtual access to live conferences plus discounts to attend in person

Grow and establish your industry relationships at our hybrid events. Receive 30% off all physical conferences to meet prospect clients in person or partake in meetings virtually.

Over 14,000 attendees networking online per year

Access to the ultimate dealmakers database

Increase your industry presence, showcase your expertise & ensure you are considered for future deal opportunities

Over 2,000 active deal-maker details available

Our clients use Proximo intelligence to…

Regional/Team Head

  • Develop a strategy that delivers revenue growth and minimises risk
  • Spot market trends and growth opportunities more quickly
  • Make critical business decisions with market data and confidence

Originators/Business Development

  • Stay current and up-to-date on the latest market solutions
  • Tender competitively with pricing that is bench-marked against similar projects
  • Recognise the common pitfalls to avoid in project delivery


  • Undertake detailed competitor analysis on missed deals and pricing
  • Advise strategy-makers and support business cases on important decisions
  • Identify potential risk and mitigate against long-term impacts

Developer/Sponsor Treasurer

  • Find the right financing solution to meet project needs
  • Secure good financing terms with institutions with the right track record
  • Connect and introduce themselves to a wide-range of potential lenders

What our clients say about us

“The platform was easy to navigate”
“Engaging and relevant analysis and content”
“Interesting insights and perspectives”
“Highly relevant and covers key areas of interest in the power and infrastructure space.”

Flexible packages to suit your specific requirements

  • Market news, analysis & opinion pieces
  • Customised daily & weekly newsletters
  • Video, webinars & podcasts on demand
  • Specialised rankings and benchmarking tables
  • Deal-makers database
  • On-demand access to conferences
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  • Includes all Observer features
  • Regular proprietary deal analyses
  • Quarterly market overviews & trends reports
  • Closed deal information
  • Access to new deal opportunities
  • Up to three bespoke data requests (per company)
  • Real-time virtual access to live conferences & networking
  • On-demand training modules
  • Discounts to attend live conferences in person
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Leader Plus
  • Includes all Leader features
  • Unlimited bespoke data requests
  • Original industry sentiment surveys
  • Raw survey data
  • Bespoke briefing on industry trends and market opportunities
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